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Solar Panel Cleaning Near You

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Your solar panels are not maintenance free.

In fact, they should be cleaned AT LEAST once a year!

Over time a layer of dirt builds up on your solar panels reducing their efficiency, in turn reducing their energy production. We've had responses from previous clients stating up to a 30% increase in efficiency after having their solar panels cleaned, with some stating that energy production starts a couple of hours earlier daily.

You've invested in solar panels, but have you invested in keeping them efficient and working at their best?

Clean Easy are here, and we're ready to help you keep your solar panels performing at maximum efficiency!

How our service works:

1: Request your free quote from us

2: We'll use Google Earth where possible to give you a fast and accurate quote. Alternatively, we'll arrange a day to come and view the property in person.

3: We'll send your quote via text & email, giving you selectable options (where applicable) to tailor your quote to match your needs and budget. 

4: Once you've chosen your options and accepted your quote we'll get you booked in asap. sometimes this can be the same week, other times there may be a wait of up to 14 days, so please do get your request in as early as you can.

5: We'll attend on the date specified/agreed, and provide our sought after 5 Star service to your satisfaction.

6: You'll be notified of job completion via text & email and provided a link to an online invoice.

From the invoice you can choose to pay directly with a card, or use the included account details in the notes to send payment via bank transfer.

Regular clients may also choose to save a payment card on file, automatically charging the invoiced amount (never more) only after job completion, to prevent late/overdue payments.

7: Once paid we'll then ask you to review our service, don't worry this doesn't happen after ever visit, you'll only receive one invite every 6 months.

This ensures that we are consistently on top of our game and providing the level of service that our clients expect of us.

Covering Hastings, Bexhill, Battle, Robertsbridge, Rye, Fairlight
And Everywhere In-between

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