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Feedback or Complaint?

The answer may well be obvious, but let's answer this one anyway, it won't take long 🙂


Feedback is a positive, neutral or negative comment about your service/product.

All feedback is important to your success or downfall depending upon how you act on it.

You can learn A LOT about your customers and your business through their feedback, whether it's good or bad, so be sure to listen carefully!


A complaint is an unresolved negative comment about your service/product.

Negative feedback will become a full on complaint if you do not look into resolving the issue that your customer has brought to your attention.

In turn, if acted upon correctly, negative feedback can be turned into a positive experience, and even a positive review if dealt with swiftly and professionally.

At the end of the day, how you deal with the negative will have a much greater impact than how you deal with the positive, this is why negative feedback is just as, if not more important, than positive feedback, as it enables you to learn, and it enables you to grow, something that all SME's want to do.


DONT shy away from any negative comments, deal with them swiftly, turn them into a positive experience for your customer, and your business will flourish!

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