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Our professional grade carpet cleaning service includes all of the below as standard:

1 - Vacuuming

2 - Pre-Spray Treatment

3 - Carpet Agitation

4 - General Stain Spotting

5 - Hot Water Extraction

6 - Deodorising

Firstly we vacuum the area/s to be cleaned, removing any loose dirt/debris.

Then we pre-Spray a cleaning solution over the affected areas followed by deep carpet agitation to raise the pile, loosening any dirt/grime while massaging the cleaning solution deep into the fibres.

Any Stains/Spotting are paid extra attention in these stages to get the best possible results.

We then extract the dirt/grime using our hot water industrial extraction machine before deodorising the cleaned areas.

Consistent, Reliable and Insured
Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services

"Simple, Affordable, Professional"

We don't overcomplicate it, we offer a straightforward, high quality service from start to finish, period.

From the moment you find us it couldn't be easier to get what you want - fantastic, professional results at a reasonable price point.

its as simple as 1-2-3

1. Request a quote/service from us

2. Get your work booked in

3. Pay your invoice

Not only do we have Hundreds of happy domestic customers,

We also provide our services to Many commercial clients too.

Some of these include:

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