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My window cleaner leaves my windows wet!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

So your window cleaner leaves your windows wet? And they've told you "we use pure water so they're supposed to be left wet"

The truth is, they're not wrong.

You see, this is the norm for window cleaning now, but what a lot of companies fail to realise is that to leave a perfect finish using the pole/brush method, it takes more than simply scrubbing and rinsing.

Purified water needs an absolute 000ppm reading using a water TDS meter, whereas some let their water readings go up to 020ppm in their tanks before changing filters. The Total Diluted Solids (TDS) meter determines how many minerals are in your water, measured in Parts Per Million (PPM), so once above 000ppm, your water is no longer pure and leaves mineral deposits on the glass after drying, hence the spotting/streaking that you may have experienced. The higher the reading, the more likely spotting and streaking will occur.

We have our own unit with a filtration setup that has clever in line TDS meters that alerts us as soon as the reading goes above 000ppm to 001ppm DURING filtration, NOT an in-tank reading, and we change filters straight away with stock we hold in the unit, that's one reason why we're different.

We know for a fact that 99% of other window cleaners locally let their readings go up to at least 005ppm before changing, as I've personally done a lot of research into our competition. And although this can still produce decent results on most windows, other factors alongside this can easily cause spotting and streaking issues.

We offer the UK's ONLY £1m streak free guarantee! This is because there can be other uncontrollable factors, including delayed dirt release from frames/air vents, excessive weather etc that can cause issues with the final quality of your window clean.

For peace of mind we also offer both an All Weather Guarantee and a 48 hour callback period.

It may look like all window cleaners are the same and

do the same thing, but its the experience, knowledge and science put into production and technique, and our happy-to-return spirit that keeps our customers happy and loyal to us.

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